You are the reason people want to buy from or work with you, let me help you tell your story

I help small businesses share their story in an authentic, honest way by working directly with them on marketing messaging which feels true to them and their prospective customers or clients - including social media planning, newsletter copy, blog posts and press releases.

Storytelling builds connection and trust which is why it’s so important for small businesses

Let's work together

From us working directly together on all your marketing needs, to monthly 1-to-1 marketing planning and plotting sessions, and workshops, there’s many ways I can help you spread the word about all you’re doing.

So what's my story?

Hi! I'm Shelley and I've been working with independent businesses for over ten years on their website and blog content, social media posts, newsletters, press releases and outreach and more. With a background in feature writing for magazines, I know how hard small businesses can sometimes find talking about what they do (and also simply finding the time to do it), so I love working with them - to create authentic content which feels truly aligned with their brand.

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